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School run mum makeup

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

What exactly is this type of makeup I hear you ask. To me (and this is what makes it different for each mum) it is nothing more than 5 minutes of your time. As mums are busy and usually do not have time for themselves often, this is probably one of those times where you want to look put together so to speak rather than I just tumbled out of the bed look.

To make your life easy, you might want to put all your products in a small bag by the door or in the car to fix yourself.

In 5 minutes what is possible:

  • Moisturiser (I love to use Nivea for soft skin) with spf (I use a separate one by Purito which has spf 50) mixed with a drop of concealer (Tarte medium tan) or foundation (Tom Ford foundation in Sable)

  • Bronzer or cream blush or even the lipstick (any) you want to wear can be used as a blush

  • Concealer (correct shade with some orange colour in my case to counteract my bags)

  • Lip balm / Lip gloss / Lipstick (I love Rimmel Kate 08 - you can find online in Boots)

  • Mascara (Lancome Hypnose drama in Black)

  • Spritz of perfume to walk through (optional but I like to use Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge or Red Temptation by Zara)

  • if you have bedhead hair then tie it up with scrunchie or use a velvet chunky headband

The result is glowy fresh skin with some colour. I love using a darker foundation that allows me some colour to my hyperpigmented and pastey skin areas, this way I do not need a bronzer or blush and the colour overall looks somewhat uniform. You cannot expect more that that in 5 minutes!

I do not do my brows or lashes everyday, I am also aware I have some areas of my face which have more scars and hyperpigmentation but I do not wish to cover it with layers of foundation, corrector, concealer and powder.

On some days I do not manage more than spf or some lip balm!

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